The soft whisper of the lake, chirping birds and you engrossed in your favorite hobby-fishing! Fishing may not be a mere pass time for many of you. It is a rejuvenating as wells a merge with the nature experience. Explore world’s best fishing destinations and make your next holiday an exotic one. Following is an overview of top fishing destinations around the world.

Mattice Lake Out fitters – Armstrong, Ohio
The Mattice Lake gives us visions of spectacular walleye, northern pike and trout fishing this is what the company is famous for. Mattice Lake Outfitters are a very famous name in fly-in adventure holiday providers. The Mattice Lake Outfitters also take care of the fishing and hunting licenses too. They cater to the needs of people who want to have serious fun and share experiences of a lifetime. It is a vacation with a difference as it includes a wildlife viewing trip with hours of relaxation in a remote setting for a silent communion with nature.

Lawrence Bay Lodge – Tolna, Saskatchewan
For many who are looking for some solid fishing fun, the Lawrence bay lodge at Tolna, Saskatchewan is the place which revives the spirit of adventure. Fishing at Lawrence Bay Lodge is immensely popular ever since the 90’s and is getting better with the passing years. The lodge practices a modified catch and release program for around fifteen years. The catch and release program means that they return all of the large trophy size fish to make sure that they are available again in the next vacation.
The Lawrence bay lodge is around the Reindeer Lake in Northern Saskatchewan and offers some of the best fresh water northern pike, walleye, arctic grayling, and lake trout fishing opportunities available to anglers in Canada.

Tomahawk Resort – Sioux Narrows, Ontario
At Tomahawk , you will exeperience Fishing, fun and a trip that you will never be able to forget. If you are an angler who loves the experience with rustic comforts and great hospitality then Tomahawk is the right place for you! Tomahawk is a resort that is located in a vacation paradise on beautiful Lake of Woods at Sioux Narrows, Ontario.
This place provides the opportunities of angling for five species of fish on the same body of water. These are Walleye, Northern, Small and Largemouth Bass, Musky, Crappie and Lake Trout. Apart from angling, you can also opt for hiking, swimming or relaxing in the tranquil setting of North America’s most beautiful landscape.

Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
This mountain-spined arm of the Russian Far East awakens memories of Alaska circa 1900. Kamchatka is much less civilized and, most importantly, much less fished. “You don’t hear a bush plane flying over, you don’t hear a motorboat downstream, and you certainly don’t see another person,” says Ryan Peterson, who often guides on the peninsula. Although Kamchatka is a Pacific salmon stronghold, most fly-fishermen come for the plentiful, fearless rainbow trout. Anglers can wade the famed Zhupanova River in search of trophy rainbows approaching a yard in length, or, if they want to explore remoteness by Kamchatka standards, they can join a float trip down one of the peninsula’s scores of hardly fished rivers. “More people go to other regions,” says Peterson, “but Kamchatka attracts the sort of cutting-edge, hard-core fishing set.”

Amazon River Basin, Brazil
When most people hear Amazon River they don’t think, “Great place to go fly-fishing.” But the happy few who do think that way have either tangled with—or more likely heard tales about—a red-eyed beast called the Peacock bass. Peacock bass aren’t actually bass at all but a 20-plus-pound relative of the tilapia. They chase smaller fish onto the shore, love surface flies, and strike so ferociously that they fly several feet into the air.
The best of the very few lodging options is the comfortable, low-occupancy Royal Amazon Lodge on the Agua Boa River, which has a white-sand bottom and enough clarity to reveal fish 50 yards away. The surrounding area is government-protected, unspoiled rainforest and savannah, inhabited by wild things such as toucans, howler monkeys, jaguars, and caiman crocodiles. Sensibly, most people fish from a boat.