There are lots of platforms out there to start your holiday. Looking for a hotel? You probably end up on Looking for flights? Skyscanner is probably your destination. For a lot of people that purchase holidays on the Internet, this almost became automated pilot. But what if we tell you there is a vast network of other holiday options out there to explore? This is where Camptoo comes in. Instead of offering hotels from companies, it offers options from fellow travellers that own campers and mobile homes.

Why do we see this market rising?

This all started with platforms like Airbnb, that bring owners of a house together with people who want to stay in a specific city. This is an affordable and personal experience, very different from traveling to a hotel. You could almost say that it feels like having an apartment in another city yourself. This can make it more comfortable and enables you to have all facilities at your disposal. Ranging from a kitchen to a living room, this is stuff you do not usually find in your hotel room.

Renting from each other

Besides that, renting from each other also results in fair prices. There is not a lot of overhead (e.g. that hotels often have) and it gives a personal touch to your travel. Additionally, platforms provide the means to bring supply and demand together and check the identity and payments to make sure everything goes smooth.

Towards your next camper adventure

While these markets are established for apartments, doing the same for campers and mobile homes is new. This is the market where Camptoo taps into. With their expertise on the matter, they bring together owners and travellers to rent out campervans. On the platform, you can select your country of departure. From that moment, it looks in nearby areas where you can use a campervan from an owner.

Improve the effectiveness of campervans

Camptoo thereby helps to solve a problem that is also present with cars: underutilization. Just like cars, caravans are only used for a limited time of the year. Sometimes this is only a month or even less! What if this economic potential can be used to help other travellers? With Camptoo, campers can be used more intensively. Helping both the owner to earn back his investment and the earth by needing less campervans to be purchased. Upside for the traveller? This is generally a cheaper method too! Camptoo lets you select the parameters that matter most to you. Do you want to have a bigger kitchen to cook? Want a large and comfy bed? Simply start your search and Camptoo get you going