Traveling is always a fun experience. Long trips may have a downside but there are still ways to make it fun and enjoyable. 

While you were sleeping 

You need to have at least 3 players for this game. The objective of While you were sleeping is create a story believable enough that a person falls for it. First step is to wait until someone falls asleep. The players who are awake then concoct a story believable enough. When “sleeping beauty” awakes, the players casually tell their created story. While telling the story, if someone breaks character, he loses 1 point. If anyone goes off script, he loses a turn and 2 points. The storytellers win the round if the person buys the story. If sleepyhead fools everyone and joins the story, he wins.  


If you have an internet connection, you can play black jack from pretty much anywhere. Similar to high roller blackjack online, there are plenty of other card games and casino games to play online when you are traveling. But please keep in mind that it is not legal in all countries.  

Make me  

At the start of the trip, the players can randomly write phrases on pieces of paper and names of the players on another piece of paper. The phrases can be common (e.g. You look cool, It is so hot, etc.) or so out of this world (e.g. Ultra electro magnetic top, Bob’s your uncleetc). Then, each player draws a phrase and a name each. Each player’s objective is to make another player (the name they picked) to say the phrase they got, without explicitly saying what the phrase it. Each one can do whatever they want to make the person say the phrase. The player who gets his assigned person to say the phrase first wins.  

The Counting Game 

This can be played anytime, anywhere. The players try to count up to 20. The key is that no two players should shout out the same number at the same time. The players, in no particular order, shout out a number, starting from 1 up to 20. The players can decide on the consequence for players who shout a number together and for the player who comes in last.  

The Name Game 

To while away the time, play the Name Game. Just simply give out a name, for example, Bruce Lee. The next person should give a name that starts with “L,” for example, Liza Minnelli. To make it more interesting or difficult, add a category, like music, movies, fighters, etc. Set a consequence for the one who is stumped.  

Battle of the Bands 

For music enthusiasts, test your music knowhow and taste with this game. One player chooses a category or music genre. Each player gets a minute to choose a song. Then, players play their song entry. Once everyone is finished, they all judge their song choices and choose whose song is the best. Be ready for some passionate discussions though. To make it more interesting, you can set rules / limitations and categories.