Going on holiday road trips provide novel experiences, which is why many people prefer this mode. However, it is not without pitfalls. Here are the most common problems you may encounter when taking the car while on holiday. 

Using the wrong car 

There is a car for every purpose and function, and people choose and buy one based on their use and preferences. It is imperative to choose the right kind of car when going on a trip. Case in point: bringing a van when you expect to go on rough roads is not wise. It is the same situation when there are 7 of you and you only bring a sedan. Using the wrong car on the road may lead to discomfort while traveling and cause car problems and breakdowns. 

Car breakdowns 

It is quite annoying whenever your car breaks down, more so when you are in the middle of nowhere or are in an unfamiliar place. You can face engine problems, brake or transmission issues, battery discharge problems, run out of gas, or have a flat tire. It is important to have some basic tools in your car boot to get you out of these problems when help is several miles away or nowhere to be found. It would be beneficial if you learn some basic troubleshooting or have the number of a mechanic who can give you technical advice on the phone.  

Car accidents 

No one wants to figure in a car accident, especially when you are on a road trip, and in a different state, country, or even continent. Whenever you take your car on a trip, or a rental for that matter, make sure you have insurance coverage. Overstappen.nl provides comprehensive car insurance coverage in the Netherlands for accidents and in other European countries. 

Getting lost  

Waze and Google Maps are widely used in daily travels. It is also quite beneficial in finding your way around unfamiliar places. But it can be such a hassle to lose cell service and be lost while on a road trip. As a backup, have a physical map in the glove compartment available. You can also find your way to the local tourism office or police station to get the appropriate directions so you can be on your merry way.   

Lack of proper documents 

When you go on cross-country road trips, always have your passport, ID and visa on hand, along with photocopies, when traveling just in case you need to present them to the authorities. You can land into a lot of trouble if you forget to bring them. Have your driving license, car registration, and insurance policy on hand as well, just in case.